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Custom Graphic Trailer Wrap

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Custom Graphic Trailer Wrap



Custom Graphics Trailer Wrap

We design, print, and install custom vinyl graphic wrap onto your trailer - Converting it into a mobile billboard for your business. Have an idea for your trailer? Call and speak to a wrap design professional today!

Wrap Your Ride 

Vinyl Wrap is applied to your trailer- Creating awe-inspiring looks for personal or business! Any graphic can be applied to your entire trailer!

Custom vinyl provides a look like none other allowing for full body chrome, pearlescent color shift, matte solid color, all over custom full color digital print and more! Set your vehicle apart with your very own custom vinyl wrap, whether it’s for personal, or commercial business!

Protect Your Investment

Vinyl wraps provide a removeable all over protection of original paint from harmful UV radiation which is the leading cause of paint fading and peeling. It also offers limited protection against small debris, and paint chipping. Our high quality, automotive grade, vinyl wrap film applications may be professionally removed without damage to your paint or vehicle. This improves resale and trade-in value, while allowing custom looks beyond most paint jobs available.

Achieve Highest Quality At Low Cost

Our wraps offer unbelievable head-turning power with looks like chameleon, metal flake, candy, color flip, psychedelic, neon, reflective, color chrome, and MORE at a fraction the cost of the custom paint required to achieve these jaw-dropping looks. Our wraps can last well beyond 10 years with proper care and provide over a decade of incredible satisfaction. Should a part of our wraps be damaged by an accident, we can wrap a portion of the vehicle with ease, and bring it back to match. Complication and hassle-free repair without the cost of re-doing the whole vehicle is a major cost advantage over expensive paint jobs within the same category.

Coverage Levels

Trailer wraps are offered primarily in external coverage only, with the pricing including the sides and back of the trailer. The roof of the trailer is priced separately. Rivets in trailers are done at additional cost. Talk with a vinyl wrap specialist today!


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